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Landscaping Excellence

Proudly serving the Evansville and Tri-state area — we have the BEST erosion control and turf products around to help you create, maintain, and preserve your landscaping. Whether you’re working on a Saturday project or installing a football field, our friendly & knowledgeable staff knows exactly how to help — complete with expert advice you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Because we’re a one-stop-shop, you’ll save yourself the time and hassle of running around town trying to track down everything you need. Just hand us your list — you’ll be out the door in minutes!

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Our Products at a Glance

Your surroundings affect your well-being, so we want your landscape to look as good as it can. The mulch we carry is a high grade, all bark product that we get here within the state of Indiana. If you're looking for weed barrier and herbicide to control weed growth, we've got it. If mulch isn’t for you, try our traprock. 

Erosion control blankets, geotextiles, silt fencing, straw wattles, we carry all things erosion control. Whether you have a small or large project, we have a stable supply of erosion control products to meet your needs.

We've got everything you need to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. Whether it's grass seed, fertilizer, weed killer, insecticide, fungicide, and more, we supply it. We only carry the top products so we can help your lawn look its best.

We want to help you keep your pond or lake looking like it should. We supply algaecide,
pond dyes, herbicides, and more. Bring in a sample of your algae or weed growth to 
get the proper control recommendation you'll use to keep your pond or lake clean and clear.

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